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GLASS DOME - ROUND 160 x 300mm
Part no.0623 163015

GLASS DOME - ROUND 160 x 300mm

Cataloge chapter: Bezels & Glass
Most of these domes are hand-blown so slight variations in the size and shape will occur. There is also the possibility of small imperfections and bubbles in the glass, as found on many antique domes. The process of manufacture has hardly changed in 100 years. Please enquire for any size of dome not shown in this list. Glass is excluded by carriers for insurance purposes, so domes are now generally sent at your risk. Small round domes are fairly robust, but large domes are better collected by arrangement. Domes cannot be made to order in other widths because of the enormous cost of the tool needed. Please note that a minute logo may appear on the base of some domes. The diameter given is the outside. The glass thickness varies from 1-2mm. 

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