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Part no.0998 000115
When described as handed, this refers to the throw of the lock. A left hand lock throws to the left and a right hand lock to the right when locked. All sizes are approximate. Brass. With locking key and pin. To set on the door or top. Both: 40 x 5mm. Body: 25 x 4mm.


Cataloge chapter: Case Ornamentation
Section: LOCKS
Lock Casing: 28mm long x 16mm wide x 4.5mm thick. Face plate: 40mm long x 19mm wide. One key supplied, keyhole centre to; face place outer edge, 10.77mm; to top of casing, 14mm. One peg fitted to the lid is retained by the lock when thrown. The works are steel but everything else is made of brass, including one oval escutcheon. 

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