Provided that you are happy with the assembly of the clock, now is the time to apply some oil. The main problem the amateur experiences with oiling is how not to apply too much. A clock pivot simply requires enough oil to fill the space between it and its hole. The oil cups should not be filled to the brim, and no oil should run down the plates. Wheels in the train are never oiled. Lightly oil levers and parts that rub against each other. Apply a fine drop to one of the escape wheel teeth, which will soon spread itself evenly around the wheel.

Only fine quality clock oil such as HoroSyn should be used on clock movements. Clock oil is produced in a manner that inhibits thickening by reducing evaporation. Ordinary oils will thicken and dry up causing the movement to wear.

Applying a small drop of oil
Applying a drop of oil.

Mainspring should be lubricated using a specialist lubricant such as Horoglide, an oil based grease.

Repairing Your Own Clocks by Mervyn Passmore