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How to calculate the weight of a weight shell when filled

Lead has a density of 11.34g cm3

The volume of a cylinder is Pi R2 H

The calculation assumes a perfect filling. Impurities and air will lower the weight of the filling. Lead shot will be significantly lighter, depending on the size and shape of the shot.

To take the example of a Vienna weight with an INTERNAL diameter of 40mm and a height of 95mm:

3.14 * 40/10 / 2 * 40/10 / 2 * 95/10 * 11.34 = 1,353g

To calculate how far up the shell you need to fill to obtain a given weight, divide the desired weight in grams by (11.34 x 3.14 x the radius in mm, squared). This will be the height in mm.

For example, to fill the same 40mm diameter shell to weigh 1kg, the height of the filling would be: 1000g / (11.34 x 3.14 x 40mm/10/2 x 40mm/10/2) = 70mm.

To calculate the weight when filled solid, enter the INTERNAL diameter of the shell and its height in mm

Diameter: mm      Height mm  




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