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A few useful pages:

Technical advice sheets
Making your own Clock Mainspring
Selecting a Platform escapement
Modern Key manufacture
Repairing Your Own Clocks, an online book by Mervyn Passmore
Identifying a 400 Day clock wire
Selecting a Clock chain
Selecting a Click
Printable document containing actual size pictures of all our clicks as of Nov2011
All about Gong rods
Choosing a wheel & pinion cutter
Selecting the right bushes and broaches
Choosing the right Exterior clocks
Product details and instructions
Information on American style movements
A range of reproducton open-spring movements
Installation and testing instructions for our Public Clock Controller
Details and information about Horogrene: M&P's environmentally friendly, 3-stage clock cleaning system
Using the Ultrasonic tank
How to fill a mercury barometer
How to use Marblack to restore a Black Marble Clock case
How to use M&P's Lacquers and general information.
How to use the M & P Depthing Tool
The French Clock Transformation Kit Instructions
Fitting a Weathervane
M&P's Clockshine' Instructions can be found here and Health and Safety sheets are here
Moebius health and safety sheets:
Moebius Specifications Booklet
Clock Oil - light
Clock Oil - heavy
Microgliss - natural oil D2
Microgliss - natural oil D3
Microgliss - natural oil D5
Synthetic grease
Synthetic oil - light
Synthetic oil - heavy
Synthetic pallet jewel oil
Watch Oil
Specifications and instructions for the Clarke Mill Drill
Specifications and instructions for the Clarke Lathe
Online calculators
Calculate the correct mainspring length online
Calculate a Platform escape wheel count online
Calculate the Length of a French Clock Pendulum online
Identify a 400 Day Clock movement online
Calculate the Weight of a filled lead weight shell online
Other useful links
Changes around the handling and sale of mercury mean we are currently unable to supply customers. Further details here: GOV.UK.


If you need support about a possible fault with goods, or have a specific enquiry, please use our online Help Form


To find out more about simple clock repair procedures, you can read the pre-publication edition of Mervyn Passmore's latest illustrated book Repairing Your Own Clocks online, free of charge.


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