One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts
View one of the world's largest ranges of clock parts
One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts
One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts
One of the world's largest ranges of clock parts


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Meadows & Passmore Ltd

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Meadows & Passmore...

One of the world's major distributors of spare parts for clocks, clockmakers' tools and supplies to clockmakers and clock & barometer repairers.

We stock a wide range of replacement clock spares, such as weights, mainsprings, lines, platform escapements, clock suspension springs, pendulums, bells, movements, dials (faces), hands, bezels, convex (bent) glass, domes, finials, taps, dies, winding keys, bushes, pins, broaches, winders, horological tools, cutters, books, barometer parts, barograph charts, gramophone parts and tower a range of tools such as winders, ultrasonic tanks, bushing outfits etc., in fact almost everything a clock repairer or restorer could want.

MAY BANK HOLIDAY: We will be closed for the bank holiday on Monday 30th May and will re-open on Tuesday 31st.

There are several ways to place orders while we are closed. You can use our freephone automated sales line, on 0800 328 9435. You can use our online store HERE. For these two methods, you will need your customer number and secret pin details.

You can also send us an email:

While we are closed, staff will be monitoring these automated systems, and will be preparing any orders for despatch as soon as we re-open.

You can view and download our current catalogue at any time, HERE.

We would like to wish all of our customers, a happy May break...

Got a question?

Sales and Technical requests should be made using our Online form

*** MERVYN PASSMORE'S CLOCK MAINSPRING GUIDE ***: Now available via M&P's website is our step-by-step guide to making your own mainsprings. The comprehensive guide includes full instructions, with links to the specific tools and materials required. View it here.

SEARCHING OUR EXTENSIVE RANGE: You can now navigate our entire range via our neatly organised index page which provides quick links to parts, like-items and categories HERE.

Alternatively, you can head directly to our online store by following the 'Buy online' link on the left-hand side of this screen. Once you have made your selection you can purchase items via our secure checkout.

A digital copy of our latest English catalogue is available to view and download HERE. This up-to-date digital version will represent the latest price changes. A printed version is also available.

MERVYN PASSMORE was so impressed with the MATIGARD AIR Alarm System Factory in China that he has decided to help them get established in Europe.  Find out more here. or Buy one on eBay or on Amazon. Did you know that Mervyn was one of Europe's top Security Professionals prior to a diving accident in Spain in the 1980's, forcing him to find an alternative career in Horology?

*** BACK ISSUES OF CLOCKS MAGAZINE ***: We have an extensive selection of Clocks Magazine back issues, with small quantities of issues from 1986 - 2014 available to buy on a first come, first served basis. Full details here.

We now manufacture a range of French Clock Hands and Carriage Clock Hands. Follow links for full details.

To find out more about simple clock repair procedures, you can read the pre-publication edition of Mervyn Passmore's latest illustrated book Repairing Your Own Clocks online, free of charge.

400 DAY SUSPENSION IDENTIFICATION: Need to identify a 400 day suspension? has a free online service or do it yourself HERE.

A flowchart poster to help you identify your Anniversary (Torsion) Clock Identification, devised by the author and based on information from the book, is available free to use Here.

PURCHASING MERCURY: Due to recent regulations, anyone wishing to purchase Mercury must complete the following form.

Based in the UK, we despatch clock parts from England to worldwide destinations by mail order and make daily shipments to the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We have specialist divisions for our customers in France, Germany and Spain with web sites and catalogues in those languages.

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